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So you finally finished the book you have been working on for months? E-BookTime is the book publisher who can turn your dream of becoming a published author into a reality!

We offer authors the ability to quickly and easily have their manuscript published as a Kindle eBook sold by Amazon ( and as a Nook eBook sold by Barnes & Noble ( The cost for our eBook publishing service is only $295.00 if you choose none of the optional services.

Kindle eBooks are primarily read using Kindle eBook readers; however, provides customers free download programs (apps) to allow them to be read by most tablets, smartphones, or computers. Likewise, provides free download programs (apps) to allow Nook eBooks to be read by many devices in addition to Nook eBook readers.

The royalty we pay you for sales of your eBook is 50% of the amount we receive from retailers. You can set the retail price of your eBook from $5.95 to $9.99. We pay royalty fees every month regardless of the amount, normally within 15 days after the end of the month.

Your eBook will be available for sale on and in approximately four weeks from the day we receive your manuscript and payment.

Registration of your copyright is not required for us to publish your eBook; however, if you want to have your copyright registered, we will be happy to submit the application for you. We charge $125.00 for this service.

If your manuscript has pictures, illustrations or other images there is a fee of $5.00 per image. Pictures may be in color. There is no fee for pictures or other artwork to be used on the eBook cover.

Copyedit service is available for authors who think their manuscript needs some extra polishing work to make it ready for publishing. This service is only $.01 per word. Click the green Copyedit button at the top for more information about copyedit services.

You retain full rights to the eBook we publish. We acquire no right of ownership to your work. You retain the right to enter into other publication and sales agreements without restriction.

Of course questions are always welcome so feel free to email us at or telephone us at 1-877-613-2665.

No Questions? Ready to get published?

Getting Started

We are your book publisher so it is our job to make it as easy as possible for you to get your eBook published. Get the publishing process started by taking care of the following easy steps and we will take it from there:

  • Download and complete our order form. For the Microsoft Word version, right click Order Form (MS Word) and then "save as". For the Adobe PDF version, right click Order Form (Adobe PDF) and then "save as".
  • Pay online, by check or money order; or complete the credit card section of the order form.
  • Email or mail the order form, manuscript and any other files.

A Few Words About Submissions

Manuscripts - We prefer to receive your manuscript in a Word file, but WordPerfect, Works, and others are all OK. We cannot accept manuscripts in Adobe (.pdf) format. Don't worry about how your manuscript is formatted in terms of spacing, margins, page breaks, copyright page, table of contents (if you want one), etc. We will handle everything as long as we can understand your text. Your manuscript text should be publication ready as far as what it says; however, you will have an opportunity to review the formatted text file and request changes prior to actual publication. If you think your manuscript may need a thorough editing before publication, please consider our copyedit service. Click the green Copyedit button at the top for more information. We can also accept printed manuscripts if you do not have it in a computer file, however, there is an extra fee for scanning. It must be typed in a non-cursive font similar to what you see here so our scanners can read it.

The Order Form - We must have a complete mailing address, email address and Social Security Number. These are essential for staying in contact with you, sending you royalty payments and reporting royalty income to the IRS. The Book Description is very important. This is displayed on websites selling your eBook. The other items are related to the formatting and pricing of your eBook. Most are optional, so if they are left blank it won’t delay our processing. If something isn’t clear or if you just plain don’t particularly care about an item, leave it blank and we will contact you for clarification if needed.

Text Style – Please keep in mind that eBooks are not “fixed” in the same way as a printed page and some eBook readers such as Kindle use a special font for improved readability. You can use italics, bold, bullet or numbered lists, etc., if desired, but it may not be possible for us to exactly duplicate very complex formatting in your manuscript. In that case, we would do our best to match your format with the least possible changes. The standard text style we use is what is most commonly used for publishing eBooks. That means we use a single space between sentences, indent paragraphs, and left justify text. Our texts do not have blank lines between every paragraph unless the author requires it. If there are blank lines between every paragraph, the paragraphs would not be indented. We use a font of Times New Roman size 12. Note: Your manuscript does not have to be in our standard text style - we will convert it during the publishing process.

Formatting - We accomplish all text formatting required to get your raw material into a professional, pleasing eBook format. This includes any special format requirements you indicated in the Order Form. The format of the manuscript you send us is not important as long as we can understand it. Concentrate on what the text says, spelling, grammar, etc., and it will be fine.

Cover - The final building block used to publish your eBook is the cover. You can use one of our cover templates, supply your own finished cover image, or we can do quite a lot of custom cover work (free) but we don’t do creative graphic art. That means you could provide us a jpg image to use for the background of the cover, ask for text effects for the title and other text, etc. You can’t tell us verbally to create artwork in the sense of drawing things but we can do pretty much anything else to customize a cover to your desire. We also have a source where we can obtain images to use for cover backgrounds so if you tell us what you might like we can probably find something suitable. If you need us to scan a picture or drawing for the cover we can do that as well. Click the covers tab above to see our assortment of standard cover templates. These are designed for print books, so if you select one for your eBook we would use the front cover (right side). eBooks do not have a back cover like a paperback. If you want to provide an author photo and biography we would include it at the end of the eBook text.

Final Things

When we receive your submission we will open your manuscript file and give it a quick once over to make sure it is understandable and was not scrambled somehow in transmission. If everything looks OK, we will send you an email letting you know that we have it and will start work on publishing your eBook.

After the preparation work is done we will create a proof file of the text and another of the cover. We quality check the files and then email them to you for review.

You should review the files carefully. Check the cover, copyright notice, table of contents, format of the beginning of chapters, one last check for spelling or grammar if desired, etc. Let us know if something needs to be changed, even if you now want it formatted differently than you said on your Order Form. We want you to be completely satisfied with our book publishing process.

If you have changes, we will make them, recreate the proof files and email them to you again for review. Your eBook will not be finalized and published until you advise us that you are satisfied with both the text and the cover.

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